What SERVD Is All About

SERVD is a company started by a Navy Veteran on a mission to do something different than other Salesforce consultants. I love the power of Salesforce--and I love building solutions on the Salesforce platform--so I started ServdSC to do just that; to serve customers of Salesforce right, the first time. 

How We Can Help Each Other

I can help you or your company by providing professional Salesforce expertise to your project. I will listen to your wants and needs, your aspirations for the platform or your frustrations with a previous build, and deep-dive into your business requirements and processes that you want to see automated in the cloud. And you can help me by giving me a chance to utilize a unique skillset that I have, and do something that I love--build and configure on the Salesforce platform. 

My Experience

I hold nine different Salesforce certifications and have worked on a number of projects, both large and small in scale. I have experience with both out of the box and custom configuration within the system, as well as experience implementing some cool Salesforce products (Salesforce Maps is one of my favorite!). But, by no means do I know it all--no one does, in my opinion. The system is just too vast. But, I am always willing and eager to learn something new.

My experience in technology started when I joined the Navy. I was a part of something much bigger than myself, and I think that's the biggest lesson I learned during my time in service. While stationed state side, I worked on Windows and UNIX servers, monitored and distributed data to the war fighters, configured routers and switches, and did a lot of troubleshooting. Being certified in Microsoft and CISCO definitely helped! From there I branched into the electronic medical record (EMR) software space, where I worked as a System Administrator for a local hospital, before jumping into the cloud and learning Salesforce.

Photo credits: Taduuda on Unsplash